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Vitality Academy offers a variety of educational tracks for Bachelors, Masters, Others.


Students in our institutes learn how to apply our research and methodologies for vitality in multi-disciplinary teams.

Vitality Academy’s knowledge influences and strengthens the practice and research approaches of each student.

Now and in the future.

Current projects

  • Executive education
    Masterclasses for researchers and professionals
  • Interdisciplinary and inter-university education for students
    Bachelor/master courses/masterclasses, joint interdisciplinary graduate projects (IMO), summer schools etc.

Past projects

Pioneers of global education programs in the context of Vitality:

Sport for development

This programme aims at educating the future global sport leaders and global citizens.

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Vitality Hackaton

On the 17th and 18th of January, the Vitality Academy organized a hackathon about vitality in the society.

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