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Vitality Academy explores individual, social and societal factors that stimulate vulnerable, underprivileged groups into being more physically active, resilient and vital. 


Create a leading reputation of academic and applied research and expertise in the context of vitality-related societal challenges

  • develop a distinctive and innovative methodology for transdisciplinary vitality related living lab research
  • publish high quality articles and dissertations in scientific venues open to transdisciplinary contributions
  • translate the knowledge generated in individual projects of VA back to the context of Vitality Academy mission and vision, and built upon them for future research (calls and collaborations)
  • Apply for (NWO/NWA, ZonMw, EU) research grants on vital lifestyle, transdisciplinary science, and (methodologies for) inclusive research in living labs WITH and FOR all relevant actors and people in vulnerable positions
  • further develop the Vitality Data Centre into a usable, easily accessible, and open access digital tool for Vitality Academy education and research projects

Map and broadcast the societal impact of VA research

  • deliver, map and show the evidence of successful implementation of our research in living labs (i.e., we contribute to policy development to support vital life; through co-creation & participatory design deliver tools to empower the involved ecosystem actors, partners, and network)
  • create dense local research hubs related to our living labs by investing in our network of local stakeholders/partners, and expand this network with public and private national/regional parties in the health (including insurance), sport, and social and spatial domain
  • develop a sustainable research approach in our living labs, by creating dense local research hubs which is fed by, and builds upon our past/current research and the needs/activities of our partners/network
  • strive for structurally funded research and consultancy practices (combined with education) in our living labs which is commissioned by our stakeholders/network


  • Team science
    Transdisciplinary collaboration between designers, engineers, public health and social scientists.
  • Living labs and Living lab approach
    Researchers working closely together with stakeholders in real life settings.
  • Applied research
    Open to contract research and consultancy.

Research Projects

  • CISE


    CISE focuses on the organisation of sporting encounters for different groups of people in socially vulnerable situations with a low socio-economic position.

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  • Vital@2040


    In this research project interventions are designed and evaluated with the aim to promote physical activity among children who behave less active than their peers.

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  • Vitality Data Centre

    Vitality Data Centre

    In the Vitality Data Centre (VDC) project we develop a (data) platform that can facilitate various vitality-related ‘living lab’ projects.

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