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Vitality Academy

We are a community of researchers, teachers, coaches and students passionate about vitality.

Vitality Academy builds bridges between scientific disciplines, theory and practice, and technology and people.

Our mission is to initiate and realize transdisciplinary research and education in order to better understand how to achieve health equity in today’s society. 

Vitality Academy is a transdisciplinary academic collaboration between four universitiesTU Eindhoven, Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht and Wageningen University and Research.

Research Projects


CISE focuses on the organisation of sporting encounters for different groups of people in socially vulnerable situations with a low socio-economic position.

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In this research project interventions are designed and evaluated with the aim to promote physical activity among children who behave less active than their peers.

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Vitality Data Centre

In the Vitality Data Centre (VDC) project we develop a (data) platform that can facilitate various vitality-related ‘living lab’ projects.

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Educational Projects

Global Master’s Programme Sport for Development

Educating the future global sport leaders and global citizens who can give way to the contribution of sport organisations to societal transformation.