Vitality Data Centre

Within the scope of the UU-UMCU-TU/e, the primary goals of Vitality Data Centre (VDC) are twofold:

  1. Data platform
  2. Vitality data analysis

Data platform

We aim to develop a (data) platform that can facilitate various vitality-related ‘living lab’ projects. This platform will be empowered with multiple functions, including data collection, data processing, data query, and data analysis.

Based on the platform, we will be able to combine ad hoc and smaller scale vitality data (environmental and behavioural data) with available socio-demographic data to investigate models/correlations.

The data platform will also facilitate us implementing tools/ technologies for promoting vitality and support the test of vitality interventions.

The data platform can be accessed via this link.

Vitality data analysis

We aim to develop an approach to analyzing vitality and correlating behavioral factors with environmental factors. As a determinant of vitality, in our case, physical activity (PA) will be studied.

We will analyze various types of PA, such as biking, walking, running, and relevant sociocultural and physical environments.

These studies and analyses will derive models for the correlations between environmental factors and PA behaviors, which will be validated at different geopolitical levels (municipal, regional or national) or socioecological levels (individual, interpersonal, or societal).

The developments for the data analyses can be found here.

News and updates

For updates and news please check out the Vitality Academy LinkedIn page.