Vitality Academy running team hits Utrecht

By bringing together the Vitality Academy running team, the strategic alliance between UU, TU/e and UMCU has been given a sporty continuation.

In May, colleagues from TU/e (Industrial Design) and UU (Management and Organization Science and Geosciences) participated in the Utrecht Marathon. The non-calculated detour was no problem for these toppers. In the beautiful blue Team VA shirts, our runners all found their way back to the Utrecht Science Park. We congratulate them with this great achievement!

Team Vitality Academy

  • Harmen Binnema (UU, quart marathon)
  • Aarnout Brombacher (TU/e, whole marathon)
  • Dick Ettema (UU, half marathon)
  • Bernard Leussink (UU, quart marathon)
  • Jingya Li (TU/e, quart marathon)
  • Juan Restrepo Villamizar (TU/e, half marathon)
  • Marly Sluijsmans (TU/e, half marathon)
  • Kirsten Visser (UU, quart marathon)
  • Maikel Waardenburg (UU, half marathon)